When You Get Caught With Your Pants Down, Don’t Look for a Fig Leaf


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu,who was elected Board of Directors of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) in 2014,leads 600+ full-time staff and 400+ volunteers,who are dedicated professionals,serving and protecting its residents in Arizona.  The Pinal County Sheriff is responsible for jail operations at its 1,499 capacity facility,which averages an average daily inmate population of 720 individuals.


Solutions to PREA (Part 1)

A headline like “Jail Fails to Comply with PREA”1   is not uncommon to read in the daily news.  Unfortunately,some information being put out by various organizations is misrepresented on PREA and has caused confusion among our jails.  Perhaps worse,they have negatively altered public perception of the Sheriff’s office and jails (After all,if you aren’t DOJ PREA compliant,you must not care about protecting the inmates from rape,right?)


Compliance to PREA: Know the Law

Since 2012,one of the most requested subjects for jail training across the United States has been PREA.  In 2012,the National Institute for Jail Operations trained in 35 states on a variety of legal-based subjects.  Sheriffs and jail administrators have repeatedly asked in simple terms “What is PREA and how does it affect my jail.”   Many are concerned about becoming “PREA compliant”,wondering what penalties and liability may occur with non-compliance to the DOJ PREA standards.  With the world of liability,litigation and political pressure,it is understandable